Play Therapy for toddlers and young children

Assessing toddlers and very young children requires specialized education and psychological training in the development of infants, toddlers and young children. A Play Therapist can provide a client or their parents with important information that may guide an assessment or other psychological service.

Play Therapy for toddlers and young children | drawing of a smiling sun in a blue sky

Play Therapy at Toronto Psychological Services

Our Etobicoke office has a specialized Play Therapy room in which to make clinical observations of a very young child.

Child therapists at Toronto Psychological Services deeply value the opportunity to work with vulnerable children. Through training and experience we are aware that change, should change be chosen by our young clients, must be made within a supportive environment with a therapist who is both sensitive and respectful.

As therapists, we most often choose to use non-directive, child centred play therapy because we are well aware that positive change can never be forced or directed from outside of the client. We believe the therapeutic relationship to be central to change.

The child centered theoretical orientation suits us best because we believe that “the therapist does not take a person-centered approach as much as s/he lives a person-centered way of life in therapy”. Psychologists, psychological associates and child therapists at Toronto Psychological Services embrace both the philosophy behind child centered play therapy and the belief that all people have the potential for growth and change within them.

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