Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment

What is an MVA Assessment and How can it help?

A Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment investigate the existence, nature and degree of psychological dysfunction that may have resulted directly or indirectly from an individual’s car accident.

An MVA assessment could provide the client with feedback regarding their present emotional status as well as treatment recommendations, should they be necessary, that might advance them return to premorbid functioning.

Motor Vehicle Accident Assessments in Toronto

Toronto Psychological Services offers specialized Motor Vehicle Accident Assessments to children and adolescents. Young people especially can struggle psychologically with the aftermath of a car accident.

Sometimes, a client who has been in a car accident requires counselling (older children/teens) or play therapy (younger children). Toronto Psychological Services offers such services 6 days a week.

Contact us for more information about how Toronto Psychological Services can help you or a family member who has been in a car accident.

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