Autism Assessment

Does my child have autism?

About half of parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder notice their child’s unusual behaviours by age 18 months, and about four-fifths notice by age 24 months. Postponing treatment may affect long-term outcome.

While there are similar/shared symptoms between people with autism, some higher functioning individuals have fewer problems with speaking and are often of average, or above average, intelligence. Individuals who exhibit higher functioning (previously known as Aspergers) sometimes have learning problems and/or struggle to relate to others.

Autism Assessment | A B C letters in grass

Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder

Because Autism Spectrum Disorder varies widely from person to person, making a diagnosis can be difficult if a clinician does not have clinical experience in the area. It is often diagnosed later in sometimes difficulties may not be recognised and diagnosed until adulthood.

Some people see a formal diagnosis as an unhelpful label; however, for many a diagnosis:

  • helps the individual, families, friends, partners, careers, professionals and colleagues to better understand and manage their needs and behaviour
  • is the key needed to open the door to specialised support
  • the means of accessing special education resources at school
  • gaining a better understanding of an adult partner

Autism Assessment at Toronto Psychological Services

Toronto Psychological Services completes ASD Assessments to children and adolescents+ aged 3-21 years of age. As Autism is a developmental disorder, it is important to minimize the delays in a child’s development.

Early diagnosis and intervention reduce the impact of autism on a child’s life so if you suspect your child may have autism, contact us to begin the diagnosis process.