Psychological Assessments

A psychological assessment prepared by a qualified child psychologist or psychological associate can identify and/or diagnose issues impacting an individual’s development, behaviour, socioemotional functioning and personality. A comprehensive assessment can offer realistic recommendations for self-referring individuals, parents, schools, teachers, doctors, hospitals,other caregivers, lawyers and workplaces. Toronto Psychological Services offers a wide range of assessments to children, adolescents and adults. As well, we offer psychoeducational assessment and parent education.

A psychological assessment of any kind entails objectivity, the seeking of evidence from many sources, and the realization that many factors impact human functioning. Such assessments are complex and labour intensive.

What’s different about a Psychological Assessment at Toronto Psychological Services

Interview first: Clients are welcome to attend and pay for an initial interview without going forward for an assessment. Sometimes, counselling is a better option than an extensive, costly psychological assessment. A 1-hour interview with a psychologist, psychological associate or, Play Therapist can provide a client or their parents with important information that may guide an assessment or other psychological service.

We are qualified to assess very young children: Assessing toddlers and very young children is particularly demanding and requires specialized education and psychological training in the development of infants, toddlers and young children. In addition to documenting a detailed developmental history and standardized measures, we have a specialized Play Therapy room in which to make clinical observations of a very young child.

Toronto Psychological Services does not overbook: All psychological assessments are completed in a timely fashion. On the day that a client or their parents attend an intake interview, every step of the assessment will be booked in its entirety. This includes all testing sessions, scoring/interpretation, report writing and feedback date. Unless a psychological assessment is impacted by a client’s illness,unexpected holiday or personal functioning, a client will know the date of the feedback on the day of the intake interview. In most cases, the work will be completed in 2-4 weeks depending upon the complexity and needs of the client. If we are unable to complete an assessment within a client’s timeline, we state it immediately and refer appropriately.