Educational Assessments for High School

Many young teens entering high school may have been diagnosed with a learning disability or identified as an exceptional learner (gifted) during elementary school.

An updated, comprehensive educational assessment in grade 7 or 8 could determine

  • whether the child made significant academic progress after receiving additional support,
  • what areas require increased focus before high school and, perhaps most importantly,
  • what academic high school program is best for the young teen.

high school student smiling
For a variety of reasons, there are some children who will not be diagnosed or identified as exceptional learners in elementary school. Often, in the first or second year of high school, these individuals may begin to struggle academically. A teen who has experienced manageable academic difficulties in elementary school may suddenly find they are having significant difficulty at high school.

As a person progresses to higher grades there will be greater emphasis on lecture as a primary mode of instruction. Consequently, it can be anticipated that a person who requires more time processing what they hear will experience increasing difficulty coping with their studies in high school or later, in college.

Similarly, a student who requires significant support to plan, organize and monitor their performance on a project or essay in elementary school, may not receive the same support at the high school level.

Providing Psychoeducational Assessment for High School Students in Toronto

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