Educational Assessment for Grad School Applicants

Applying to Grad School?

Students with a history of a learning disability will require a psychological assessment or educational assessment for Grad school. The assessment needs to have been completed within 2-years prior to their application.

A Grad School Educational Assessment can provide insight and determine what accommodation may need to be provided to the student. For example, persons who intend to sit for the MCAT or LSAT may require more time to complete the examination in order to be able to demonstrate their actual abilities. They may need to sit in a separate room in order to limit ambient noise.

Educational Assessment for Grad school

Educational Assessment for Grad school Applicants in Toronto

Whatever, their need at the time of the examination, a recent comprehensive psychological assessment is generally required to establish that such need exists.

The most economical approach to a psychological assessment of any kind is to meet with a psychologist or psychological associate for one clinical hour to consult and determine the scope of the assessment. Contact Toronto Psychological Services today. We’ll answer your questions and assist you to reach your learning goals.