Gifted Assessments

How to know if your child is gifted

Parents are often more aware of their child’s advanced development and signs of giftedness before their child even starts school.

Many school boards in Ontario do not start identifying children for gifted programs until second or third or fourth grade. For this reason, parents of exceptionally bright or gifted children may want to consider private educational assessment testing for alternative academic placement options.

Gifted Student at school on computers

Giftedness is not a diagnosis. It is an identification of exceptional cognitive ability that meets the criteria of Mensa, the high IQ society, which has been adapted by most of Canadian school boards.

Gifted Testing for School placement in Ontario

All Ontario school boards require evidence/results of a standardized intelligence test completed by a member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and providing evidence of very superior intelligence. However, some school boards require more comprehensive testing to establish that a child has both the cognitive ability and academic skill development to be successful in a gifted classroom. Some school boards will require more than an IQ test. Academic testing may also be requested by a school board.

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