Elementary School Educational Assessments

Psychoeducational Assessment (Educational Assessments) is considered the best means of gaining an in-depth understanding a student’s learning style and better still, their potential to learn in future.

At Toronto Psychological Services we provide diagnostic psychoeducational assessments by qualified psychologists, psychological associates and educational consultants, which are accepted by school boards for students presenting with learning disabilities and giftedness designation.

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Educational Testing for Learning Disabilities including:

Reading: Children who are struggling to learn the read may be having difficulty in one or more areas. For example, a child who is experiencing difficulty reading may have difficulty remembering what letters of the alphabet look like or the sounds that letters make). The truth is that there are many, many issues that might impact a child’s ability to learn to read.

Mathematics: Likewise, lags in developing math skill can be attributed to different causes. For example, a person may find it difficult to understand or name math terms, operations or concepts. By grade-3, language skills are needed to ‘decode’ written problems into math symbols or arithmetic signs.

Written Expression: Written production is one of the most complex and demanding of the academic skills. It requires language skill, organization and planning skills, good working memory, an ability to remember letter sequences in common words, graphomotor skill and a strong understanding of writing and spelling techniques. It is also strongly impacted by motivational and attitudinal components.

Executive Functioning: Central processes in the very front of our brain are involved in planning, organization and ordering our actions and behaviour……including our ability to pay attention, inhibit behaviour and monitor our emotions. Deficits in executive functioning hampers a child’s ability to learn, think strategically, initiate behaviour (like doing their school work without constant prompting), organizing materials and monitoring their performance until their work is all completed. Executive dysfunction impedes a child’s academic skill development, limits performance and lowers grades.

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Psychoeducational Assessment for Elementary School Students in Toronto

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