Educational Assessments for College and University

A learning disability does not prohibit a student from applying to and successfully completing a university degree or college diploma.

Whether you are a mature student considering school as an adult or applying to college and university directly out of high school, if you’ve had a psychoeducational assessment in the past, it is useful to undergo update a past educational assessments when preparing for postsecondary education.

college and university students study group

Importantly, a psychologist or psychological associate can guide a University or College student by providing useful recommendations for course selection and improved study habits.

Educational Assessment for Adults / Mature Students

More and more often we see adults seeking a college and university education as mature students. Often, such individuals knew they were capable in their youth but couldn’t demonstrate their ability at that time.

Sophisticated test materials combined with knowledgeable psychological expertise can determine an adult’s ability, level of achievement and potential to succeed in the right academic program.

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The most economical approach to a psychological assessment of any kind is to meet with a psychologist or psychological associate for one clinical hour to consult and determine the scope of the assessment. Contact Toronto Psychological Services to schedule a preliminary psychoeducational assessment clinical appointment at our Etobicoke or Downtown Toronto offices.