Psychoeducational Assessment

A Psychoeducational Assessment, also known as an Educational Assessment, Learning Assessment , Education Assessment or an Academic Assessment — is considered the best means of gaining an in-depth understanding a student’s learning style and better still, their potential to learn in future.

An Educational Assessment is a structured evaluation of a person’s psychological development. It is a thorough assessment of your child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. It may indicate if your child would benefit from an individual education plan.

Psychoeducational Assessments at Toronto Psychological Services

At Toronto Psychological Services we provide diagnostic assessments by qualified psychologists, psychological associates and educational consultants.

Psychoeducational Assessments are available to students in elementary, high school, college, university and graduate school. Generally, it is best to wait until a child is at least 6-years of age before completing a psychoeducational assessment. Sometimes a student’s learning problems are only detected when they begin high school, college or university.

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