Reunification Counselling

Are you experiencing difficulty parenting your children after a separation or divorce? If a past partner seems to be coming up with reasons why your child doesn’t want to see you or visits are “just not possible”, then you may benefit from reunification counselling ~ either self-organized, recommended by your counsel or court ordered.

Reconciliation or Reunification counselling is suited to:

  • A parent who has not seen their children for a significant time period
  • An estranged parent who has attempted to independently re-establish a relationship with their children several times without success
  • An estranged parent who believes he or she has been alienated from their children

Reunification / Reconciliation Counselling: closeup of holding hands - parent child

Choosing reunification counselling is a prudent means of reconnecting with your children. A meeting between parent and child, particularly after a long separation, is emotionally laden. It is often a frightening time for children who may fear alienating the custodial parent if they begin to accept and enjoy a relationship with the estranged parent.

If the children have witnessed years of arguing and/or familial violence between their parents the estranged parent may become the scapegoat for all that was considered ‘bad’ in the family home. Without doubt, children have been bitterly disappointed by the breakdown of the family.

The estranged parent may have attempted to re-establish a relationship with their children several times without success. The meetings may have been tense and emotional. There is always the possibility that the children will be questioned when they returned home and the estranged parent further disparaged by the custodial parent. It is obvious that such circumstances will undermine the work underway at my office and significantly hamper any reconciliation between the alienated parent and their children.

Given the fact that the children may be very young, it is important that a psychologist has completed significant education and training in developmental psychology and is licensed to work with a young population as well as adults. Unlike many counsellors, a trained psychologist/psychological associate has the necessary expertise to read and understand psychological assessments that may have been completed earlier. As well, it is essential that the psychologist can understand court documents, interact with counsel and the court.

Reunification Counselling at Toronto Psychological Services

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Jancy King, M.Ed., C. Psych. Assoc., is a registered member of the College of Psychologists of Ontario and routinely provides skilled reunification counselling in west Toronto. She is qualified to work competently with both children and adults.

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