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Couples Counselling — Toronto Psychological Services

At Toronto Psychological Services we work with a practical and compassionate understanding of the pluralism in family ways. Married, unmarried, preparing to marry, common-law and/or a couple living in a same-sex relationship are all welcome to explore the following issues at our west Toronto clinic:

  • Blended Family
  • Communication Problems
  • Conflict & Separation
  • Sexual intimacy / Sex Therapy
  • Enhance commitment
  • Parenting
  • Reconnection
  • Repairing & Healing a broken relationship
  • Infidelity

What you can expect in Couples Therapy:

Brief Couple Counselling ~ Marriage Counselling:

Approximately 60% of marriage counselling or relationship counselling at Toronto Psychological Services could be described as brief therapy and is generally completed in 6-8 sessions.

The focus of brief marriage counselling is interrupting and redirecting problem behaviour and communication that is not allowing the kind of relationship both partners want and need. A primary goal is to put each partner in touch with their own capacity for nurturing and creative relating within a fairly short time.

Positive couple counselling begins with a clear agreement between the partners that their exchanges will not involve shaming one another, blaming the other or using abusive language or name calling.

The aim of the first couples therapy session will be to:

  • Identify the problem/s or major ‘stuck’ points according to each partner
  • Identify areas of strength and common values of the couple as well as the deficits in the relationship
  • Assess the level of awareness of ‘the problem’ as experienced by each partner
  • Set goals for relationship success

Subsequent couples counselling sessions will:

  • Focus on effective problem-solving and conflict resolution
  • Deal with underlying pain
  • Reaffirm the level of emotional intimacy, capacity to have fun and sexual gratification that is important to both partners
  • Help the couple renew trust, respect, warmth and loving support for one another
  • Identify outmoded patterns of communication in the couple’s relationship and develop more positive communication
  • Enhance positive gains as the relationship improves during counselling
  • Outline homework assignments that will directly relate to the issues

Longer Term Couples Therapy ~ Marriage Counselling:

Approximately 40% of marriage counselling at Toronto Psychological Services involves more extensive work with couples. More prolonged work with a therapist may be essential for some couples. In some cases, there are long-standing resentments and hurts that prevent a movement forward or deep-seated personal conflicts that may lead to an inability for one or both partners to deal constructively with the issues. However, there are other reasons for couples to pursue longer term counselling.

Some couples are coping well on a day-to-day basis but request longer term counselling in order to deepen and enhance their commitment. Many couples believe that if they are no longer fighting, there is no longer a problem; however, more long-standing, positive results are achieved in therapy when both partners have calmed and are willing to explore deeper issues with arguing.

Longer term marriage counselling will include all of the points outlined in the brief therapy sessions but will also address deeper levels of conflict/difference and allow more opportunities to practice positive communication between the partners. Importantly, longer term counselling allows for the consolidation of new patterns of behaviour in the course of therapy and could increase commitment.

Premarital Counselling:

While most couples approach their upcoming marriage with a great deal of joy and excitement, it is before marriage that each partner has the perfect opportunity to address differences that might hinder their future life together. It is far better to address and resolve these differences so that you both move forward with confidence and a feeling of lasting security.

Marriage Couples Counselling | couple walking arms around each other on a path

Ready to take the next step to strengthen your relationship?

Contact us for more information about how a Couples Counsellor can help you and your partner strengthen your relationship. Counselling is available at our West Toronto (Etobicoke) and our Downtown Toronto locations.

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