Toronto Psychologists Counsellling & Asssement Services

Who we are — Toronto Psychologists, Psychological Associates

Staff members of Toronto Psychological Services are Toronto Psychologists, Psychological Associates and/or psychotherapists who are highly trained, qualified clinical practitioners with many years of experience. Toronto Psychological Services staff are members of the College of Psychologists of Ontario ( or are supervised by a member of CPO. Insurance coverage is available.

Some psychologists or therapists work exclusively with children aged 2+ years of age and adolescents. Other staff members work exclusively with adults, couples and family groups.

Our Theoretical orientation

Our clinical work is dependent upon the needs of individual clients. It is our belief that no single clinical theory or approach is comprehensive enough to account for the complexities of human behaviour. Our counselling approach to work with clients could best be characterized as eclectic or integrated. Some therapies focus on bringing out feelings, others stress identifying thoughts and still others concentrate on actual behaviour.

Our Philosophy

Every psychologist and staff member at Toronto Psychological Services deeply values and respects diversity in culture, race, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age and gender.

Toronto Psychological Services therapists are primarily concerned about how the world appears from the subjective viewpoint of our clients, whether they are very young or more mature. We hold positive beliefs about people, seeing them as trustworthy, capable, dependable and friendly.

We have a positive viewpoint of ourselves and have confidence in our ability to provide our clients with caring, competent, professional service. We understand that it takes courage and commitment on the part of our clients to seek personal change. Importantly, we know, without reservation, that our clients have the potential for change and positive growth.

At Toronto Psychological Services, clients have the opportunity to explore their strengths and limitations in a safe, confidential and accepting environment.